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Top Things One Should Never Do on Facebook When in a Relationship

Errant behavior on Facebook has serious potential to damage a relationship. If you want to be on the best terms with your partner, then among the many things you need to do, you also have to act smartly on Facebook and avoid doing things such as:

Hide Facebook Conversations

Do not hide Facebook conversations. If you are in a happy relationship, surely there is no need for you to hide anything from your partner. Hiding things will always give a worse impression of the scenario than what it actually is.

Interact with Colleagues Etc.

Do not “like” or comment on photos or statuses of some colleague or an old classmate of the opposite sex too much. Your partner might think that there is something fishy with your behavior and that you might be trying to get someone’s attention even if it is not so.

Deny the Relationship

Do not deny your relationship on Facebook. Dropping off a status or a comment that tells your friends that you are committed can only be a healthy thing. It would discourage flirtatious comments from someone who might be trying to get your attention. However, don’t be pompous about the relationship either. Too many statuses or photos of you and your partner will simply give the impression that you are over-obsessed with each other.

Moan about Relationship Problems

If you are having some problems in your relationship, then you should not be announcing them on your Facebook wall for everyone to see. You should solve your problems face to face with each other. Moaning about them on Facebook will make you look like a silly 15 year old.

Keep Old Photos

You should get rid of your old photos with your ex. Now that you are in a relationship, photos with exes on your Facebook Timeline might not sit well with your new partner. Deleting them and erasing online memories of old relationships is a good idea.

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